DX de UT5ERP: 144360.0 RU4NG MSK144 +6 dB 160611Z
DX de IZ7GIT: 7132.0 TI2CF correct qrg 70611Z
DX de YO8RQP: 14074.0 VK3BDX tnx! 300611Z
DX de F8KFZ: 3695.0 F4FCE/P dfcf 45131 wcaf07053 fff 2971 140611Z
DX de EA1BKO: 3675.0 IQ5WT DMSM SM-1903 150611Z
DX de RA9MX: 14024.9 RA7A CQ 160610Z
DX de UA3ARC: 144360.0 YO5TPKO85SO<MS>KN16SS MSK144 200610Z
DX de IZ4TNN: 14074.0 ZL2BX FT8 LP 320610Z
DX de UA9AX: 14014.7 RA9P CW 180610Z
DX de R3VL: 7036.0 R3VL CQ 160610Z
DX de SP6QKM: 7074.0 IK6GPZ FT8 +00dB from JN62 2166Hz 150610Z
DX de PA3EVY: 7023.9 ZM1A 320610Z
DX de IZ0MIO: 14074.0 VK5RK FT8 -16db 300610Z
DX de JE6HJT: 50313.0 YB5QZ FT8 280610Z
DX de IZ7GIT: 7074.0 TI2CF SSB JN80pk -> CM97be 70609Z
DX de YT7DS: 3745.0 YU5DR YUDX contest 150609Z
DX de UA4M: 21021.4 R4IO CW 160609Z
DX de DK4ZZ: 7110.0 HA230U Thx 73 good sign 150609Z
DX de UI2K: 14017.6 R8WO CW 160609Z
DX de SP6QKM: 7074.0 LX1FP FT8 -18dB from JN29 878Hz 140609Z
WCY de DK0WCY2021/04/18 0618ZSFI=75A=33K=3expK=0R=28SA: quietGMF: activeAurora: no
WCY de DK0WCY2021/04/18 0518ZSFI=75A=33K=4expK=2R=28SA: quietGMF: activeAurora: no
WCY de DK0WCY2021/04/18 0418ZSFI=75A=33K=4expK=1R=28SA: quietGMF: activeAurora: no
WWV de AE5E2021/04/18 0618ZSFI=75A=29K=4No Storms - No Storms
WWV de AE5E2021/04/18 0318ZSFI=75A=29K=4Minor w/G1 - No Storms
WWV de AE5E2021/04/18 0018ZSFI=75A=29K=4Minor w/G1 - No Storms
To ALL de GB7HTL0400ZCLUSTER: GB7HTL 7300 at 18-Apr-2021 0400Z
To ALL de DD5XX-100002ZFT4/FT8 haters: Wanna see only SSB/CW spots on a highspeed realtime cluster node? You are welcome to join ---> DD5XX.dxcluster.net:7000 <---
To ALL de F5LVL1850ZJX2US OQRS QSL open.
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