DX de CE3BBC: 7074.0 J68HZ FT8 ST LUCIA ISLAND 80238Z
DX de LU7YW: 7155.0 LU7YZ CQ DX!! 130237Z
DX de VK5WU: 21075.5 JA6IUQ FT8: PF95 <-=-> PM51 TU 250236Z
DX de VU2DED: 7074.0 HI3Y TNX QSO HNY2022 80235Z
DX de F4UJU: 3573.0 RN3DN FT8 -09dB 1065Hz 160234Z
DX de UY7IV: 7074.0 W6IBU tnx QSO 30234Z
DX de K4WMS: 7010.0 F/PB8DX Big signal in VA 140234Z
DX de F4UJU: 3573.0 UB9OEC FT8 -21dB from NO15 199Hz 180233Z
DX de K1HTV: 7074.0 UR5FSP/MM FT8 KF69 160232Z
DX de VK5WU: 21076.1 UT5GD/MM FT8: TU 160229Z
DX de XE1SOV: 7130.0 4A0QRO 90 Aniv. FMRE Queretaro 60227Z
DX de KD5JGA: 3573.6 NP4EB 80226Z
DX de UY7IV: 3573.0 ON75UBA tnx QSO 140226Z
DX de W9JXN: 7177.0 LZ3ND 200223Z
DX de VK4FDJL: 7139.0 VK2YAK WWFF VKFF-1319 300223Z
DX de W3WW: 7010.0 F/PB8DX CW 140223Z
DX de K4WMS: 7177.0 LZ3ND Big signal in VA 200219Z
DX de XE1SOV: 14185.0 4A90VER 90 aniv. FMRE Veracruz 60218Z
DX de PT7WM: 7073.5 4S7AB ft8 220217Z
DX de WB4X: 7177.0 LZ3ND 200216Z
WCY de DK0WCY2022/01/20 0218ZSFI=115A=23K=3expK=3R=59SA: eruGMF: quietAurora: no
WCY de DK0WCY2022/01/20 0118ZSFI=115A=23K=3expK=3R=59SA: eruGMF: quietAurora: no
WCY de DK0WCY2022/01/20 0018ZSFI=115A=22K=3expK=3R=59SA: eruGMF: quietAurora: no
WWV de VA6AAA2022/01/20 0018ZSFI=105A=23K=2Moderate w/G2 - No Storms
WWV de VA6AAA2022/01/19 2118ZSFI=105A=23K=2Moderate w/G2 - No Storms
WWV de VA6AAA2022/01/19 1818ZSFI=115A=18K=2Moderate w/G2 - No Storms
To ALL de DD5XX-100100ZHAM lovers: Dont want to see any more FT4/FT8 digital-mode spots on the cluster? N-joy this fast realtime node ---> DD5XX.dxcluster.net:7000 <---
To ALL de GB7HTL1900ZCLUSTER: gb7htl.packet-radio.com 7300 or 9000 at 19-Jan-2022 1900Z
To ALL de EA3CV-21600ZDXSpider EA3CV-2 dxcluster.cronux.net 7300 with Quality Filters for RBN
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